Miss Canadian University Pageant

The Miss Canadian University Pageant was founded in 1963 as part of WLU’s annual winter carnival. The carnival was organized entirely by students and included ice sculpting contests and musical concerts by superstars such as Stevie Wonder and The Supremes.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder performing at the 1970 Winter Carnival.

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The 1970 pageant consisted of 33 contestants from university campuses across Canada. Some of the most extravagant prizes from the 1970 pageant (donated from local Waterloo businesses) included a Ford Maverick, a four-day trip to Mexico and an eight hundred dollar fur coat.

Prize List

List of prizes for the 1970 Miss Canadian University Pageant.

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During the week leading up to the pageant, the contestants participated in a variety of luncheons, receptions, parades, and games such as curling. The women attended many of these events with their male escorts who were WLU students that had been chosen by the pageant committee after filling out an application and completing and interview.

Contestant and escort

Miss Canadian University contestant with her escort.

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Contestant and escort 2

Miss Canadian University contestant with her escort, 1967

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“We interviewed the applicants and screened them for congeniality, and just the ability to get along with people […]The committee then attempted to match the girls up with the fellows of suitable height and attributes."

-Lois Onder, Queen Committee Member

Miss Canadian University Queen, 1968

Miss Canadian University Queen Elizabeth Chapel, 1968

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The events, of course, culminated with the final crowning of the Miss Canadian University Queen based on their performance in the pageant and an interview with pageant judges.

Pageant Ad

Advertisement for the Miss Canadian University Pageant in The Cord, 1970.

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