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Janiel Jolley

Janiel Jolley

SFU Archives

The protests of the pageant were subject to media coverage by newspapers across the country and while opinions on the success and motives of the protest varied, it is evident that the protest did indeed triumph in initiating a conversation about women’s liberation. SFU students were clearly proud of the work that Jolley and the women’s caucus had put into the protest as the headline of The Peak in the week following the protest read “Janiel Jolley Shows’em the way."

WLU’s The Cord presented a fairly neutral recollection of events by including details of the pageant as well as the protests that occurred. Reporting on the Winter Carnival and pageant by a WLU alumni publication subtly commented on the protests by proclaiming that the 1970 winner “looked in no special need of liberation."

The McGill Daily and the University of Waterloo’s The Chevron both reported on the pageant by focusing on the protest, further spreading the words and beliefs’ of Jolley and her fellow protestors.